Skills DB Pro everything you’d expect of a great skills tracker tool, and more.

It’s never been simpler to customize, implement, and administer your skills management software. Skills DB Pro provides a versatile software system to evaluate the competency levels of current and new staff, match training resources, and speed up the growth of your workforce. See how Skills DB Pro can solve your skills tracking issues. 


Track Employee Skills and Abilities
A skills tracker that creates truly predictive data is a priceless decision-making tool. This is exactly what makes Skills DB Pro a key differentiator for every organization. Our unique, web-based assessment system allows both employees and managers to easily score employee skill sets. Our skillset tracking is truly the “next generation” of applying total quality administration to skills management.
Manager Scoring
Managers can view/update/review employee’s skill scores and attributes, for employees assigned to them. Employees never see the score assigned to them by a manager. When printed out this report makes for an excellent discussion between employees and managers, during performance reviews.
Find an Expert
Have an upcoming project that needs to be staffed? With Skills DB Pro, finding the right people is easy. You can search your employees based on skills, competency, and certifications, giving you the power to put together the perfect team.
Report Builders
Breakdown your employee’s skill set any way you need. With the Advanced Analytics module you can filter by skill, category, location, or any other topic you can think of. Once you have your desired data set drill down into it by running reports, or creating a Skills Matrix. Advanced Analytics gives you the power to evaluate you teams’ strength and weaknesses, showing you just how to prepare for your next project.
Competency & Talent Management Module
You can setup Desired Skill Level, Minimum Skill Level, and Skill Priority for each job in your company, thus, having many views to define your skill gaps and training plans for those gaps.
Skills Audit
Get an overview of your employee’s skill set, allowing you to keep track of your company’s talent, and making sure you stay on target with the skills you need.
Skill Gap Analysis
Need to find people with a certain skill set? Or maybe you need to see who can be trained to meet the challenges of the next job. Take a precise look at where your people stand in each skill, showing you how many people are ready for the job right now, and who can be trained to meet your needs.
Career Development
See who’s close to having the necessary skills to fill an open position. Compare your employees scores, with those needed for their next promotion. This gives your employees a road map of what they need to improve, and gives you a starting point for discussing their next steps in the company.
Single Sign On
Our Saml 2.0 SSO solution can greatly reduce the number of passwords a user has to remember. Our SSO solution literally means the user has to sign on just one single time to at your site to use Skills DB Pro.
Role Based Security
Skills DB Pro offers five levels of user permission, allowing you to manage who has control over your system. Each permission has the abilities of the all the levels below it as well as the ones mentioned in its section.
Other brilliant features
Export data directly into Microsoft Excel for customized reporting. Excel Import features to integrate with your HR/Accounting and Project Management systems. Create saved jobs searches, identify qualifying resources. Self Registration system for users… Skills DB Pro is the best Skill Tracker system available.

Skills Tracker Main Dashboard

Our main dashboard keeps you updated on your people’s skills in one glance. You can quickly see how engaged your people are, as well as the skills for which your people are most proficient.

You also get a training needs analysis stat on the right which keeps you updated on your company’s training needs. Furthermore, we have a dedicated TNA dashboard for more detailed training needs analysis.

Skills Tracking Software
Competency Management

Training Needs Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard provides easy insight into your organization’s training needs. It helps you identify skills that are important to your business for which your people are least trained.

The result of this analysis is presented in charts to make it easy for you to pinpoint your most pressing training needs, and use this data to make training decisions that have the highest impact on your organization.