After posting my blog on December 1st 2014 titled “Skills Retention – The Baby Boomer Crisis” a colleague sent me the below video.  This video from Ted Talks is the perfect add on to that blog. Rainer Strack explains that workforce skill gaps are certainly coming in the near future because of a quickly retiring workforce.

In this data-filled — and quite charming — video, human resources expert Rainer Strack suggests that countries ought to look across borders for mobile and willing job seekers. But to do that, they need to start by changing the culture in their businesses.

It sounds counterintuitive, but by 2030, many of the world’s largest economies will have more jobs than adult citizens to do those jobs, thus creating a widening skills gap crisis in the future.

From Ted Talks –  Rainer Strack: The surprising workforce crisis of 2030 — and how to start solving it now