Installed & Hosted At Your Site

Built for businesses that want an in-house solution.
*Advanced Skills Management*required
$9850 per URL / Unlimited Users
Competency & Goal ManagementOptional
$2500 per URL / Unlimited Users
Learning Development PlansOptional
$2500 per URL / Unlimited Users
SAML 2.0 Single Sign On ModuleOptional
$2500 per URL / Unlimited Users
Unlimited Users
Have 10,000 employees? No worries! With our local install you can put as many employees into your system as you want, at no extra cost.
We’ll help you get the entire system up and running. Most installs take less than an hour, we offer up to 8 hours of free install support.
Support and Maintenance
There is an annual fee of 20% of your initial purchase price for support, upgrades and maintenance.
Technical Data
Written in Microsoft C#, SQL Server 2012 Database, IIS 7.0 or above, .NET 4.5 or above, Code Charge & DevExpress Framework. Installation is easy, normally takes less than 45 minutes.
Database Access
Get full access to the skills database storing your employee’s data. This give you the ability to run your own search queries, and create custom reports.
Customize It to create the perfectly fitted and integrated solution.
We customize it for you. You give us your requirements, we tell you how much it will cost and when it will be done.
Setup and Support
We’ll help you setup your initial install. We include 20 hours of initial setup support with each purchase. Most installs go up in less than a couple of hours.