SkillsDB Self Service Plan: $1 per user/month, and billed in groups of 100.

Thousands of predefined job roles to kick off your competency model
Thousands of additional skills and qualifications to finish building out your job roles
Competency management module
Skills tracking
Learning plan system
Career pathing and recruiting planning
Single Sign On & API access
Extensive reporting and analytics
Export all data for spreadsheet review or via API back into your HRIS

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Talent Management Pricing
60-day money back guarantee
We guarantee that SkillsDB will make your skills tracking easy. If not, we will happily refund your most recent monthly payment.
Pay as you go
100% satisfaction guaranteed – Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice.
Project support services are highly recommended for first 6 months to ensure success
Want to let your people do what they do best and let SkillsDB do what we do best? We can assign one of our people to be your company’s SkillsDB administrator. Whether your employees or IT department have question, we will field them for you. The goal of the service is to replace the part time admin role required to run any software. Since this is what we do, we are super-efficient at it.
No IT department required
SkillsDB runs in the cloud on our secure servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical. And with a 99.98% uptime record over the last 12 months, SkillsDB is rock-solid reliable. If everyone in your group has a web browser or a tablet, then they already have everything they need to start using SkillsDB.
Email & phone support for your administrators
All plans include email and phone support for your admins. We support your admins and your admins support your employees. Most admin questions are system related, thus we support them. Almost all employee questions are company specific, thus your admins will directly support your employees.
Trial version data saved
If you start with the trial version, all your data will be saved and moved into your paid version when you upgrade. If you don’t have a trial version yet, pay here, start a new trial version and it will automatically be upgraded.

SkillsDB is the best value you will find for talent management needs.