Skills DB Pro has identified the core IT competencies that are critical for success today and in the future.

Our IT instant audit is an interface used to map the competency of job roles to your people's skills instantly.

Complexity at the back-end made simple at the front-end.

The purpose of the IT instant audit is to identify which skills your employees deploy in their current role and at what level.
We can then match your employees IT competencies to their job role, to come up with a customized IT competency framework for your company. 

The self-assessment questionnaire uses  a full taxonomy of the latest IT competencies available.
A user will go into the instant audit screen select a skill and not only see the selected skill, but all the related skills as well.
This will allow your employees to immediately fill out a full skills inventory on themselves.

Improve Your Organizational Capability

Skills DB Pro the easiest way to understand the IT competencies of your employees and the skills they need to develop.

Empower your workforce with our powerful and effectual Competency Management System. It helps you bring up a more agile, aligned and productive workforce & gain insight into employee performance.