Competency Based Training Framework
Automatic Training Recommendations to Build Individual Development Plans

Easily build individual development plans. Skills DB Pro pulls information from an employee’s skills profile and job role requirements to determine the exact skills each particular employee is lacking, or needs to improve on to support your business objectives.
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The Magic: Recommended Learning Plans

Skills DB Pro like magic comes up with recommended learning plans for every employee based on their job roles, skills, scores, and certifications. Using Job Role as an example, if an employee has ‘some training’ in B2B marketing, but their job role requires ‘expert’ level in this skill, the LPS searches the system for a course that will take them to expert level and recommends it to the employee or manager. This becomes the basis for your employees’ individual development plans.

Skills DB Pro, uses an employee’s current skill set and/or job role skills scores; then compares it to your learning catalog skills and scores. It then creates a set of recommended learning activities. These are directly tied to your employees’ current and needed skill set for their job providing a personalized learning pathway for each employee.

Employee and Managers: Creating Learning & Individual Development Plans

From the training displayed under Recommended Learning Plans, an employee or manager can pull courses into the employee’s actual Learning Plan. And when they do, they get a set of tools to track their progress as they go through these courses.

You can also create custom learning plans to track other learning activities. For example, if employee John is assigned to work with employee Smith who is an expert in creating B2B marketing plans, then employee John can create a Learning Plan to track all aspects of how far along he is with his on-the-job training.

With Skills DB Pro Learning Plan System employees will have every tool they need to succeed, improving on the job success.

Stand Alone Training Tracking System Or Integrate With Your LMS

Stand Alone Training Tracking System:
An easy way to track employee training. Allow employees & managers to create customized learning plans. In particular, they can choose learning activity assignments from recommended learning plans, the full course catalog. Or, simply create a custom learning assignment; then track that activity to completion.

Importing Courses:
You can import all your courses from your Learning Management System. You can also create courses within the LPS. In fact, skills and skill levels can be attached to each course, such that, when an employee completes a course, their skill level will be known.


The system admin can view company-wide learning plan reports. This reports shows the courses in the system as well as who is taking what course. It also indicates how far along they are, what skills they will gain at completion, and much more.
You can drill down on this report to display particular courses or only people in a department, job title, location, etc.

A manager can run reports similar to those run by admins, but the reports will only include data for employees assigned to them.

Our Solution: A Unique Learning Plan System

We put tons of research and brainpower into giving you a Learning Plan System with intelligence features you cannot find anywhere else.From importing or creating courses in the system, to ensuring all employees get the exact training they need, Skills DB Pro LPS makes the whole process easy.

Often times it can be overwhelming to stay up to date on which courses an employee should be taking. And, which one they actually are taking. Company’s need an easier way to manage their staff’s learning and development process. This is where Skills DB Pro can help you.