Welcome to the SkillsDBPro Help Screen.
We offer four different types of support, video, written, remote, and email.

Please contact your Company Administrator for password help and other company specific questions ie..a skill needs to be added.  Unfortuantely, we cannot help you with questions that are related to those items.

Skills DB Pro University
Video Tutorials(new videos being added regularly please check back):
We have found the best way to help someone is by showing them.  As an administrator you can learn how to use the entire system in less than 30 minutes of videos.  Yes we understand these are not riveting, though they will get you up and going quickly and easily :).

PDF Instructional Guides
For Employees:
191: Getting Started as An Employee

For Managers:
291: Getting Started as A Manager

For Administrators:
391: Administrators Getting Started Guide(covers topics relating to the initial setup of the system)

391: Administrators How To Guide(covers topics on how to use the various functions to manage you people)

393: Report Builder

Import Instructions and Templates:
394: Import People
Download - Skills DB Pro Import Personnel Instructions & Specifications
Download - Skills DB Pro .csv Personnel  Import Template

395: Import Skills
Download - Skills DB Pro Import Categories & Skills Instructions & Specifications
Download - Skills DB Pro .csv Category & Skills Import Template

396: Import Scores & Skills
Download - Skills DB Pro Import Scores & Skills Instructions & Specifications
Download - Skills DB Pro .csv Scores & Skills Import Template

397: Import Learning Plan Course Catalog
Download - Skills DB Pro Import Learninpg Plan Course Catalog Instructions & Specifications
Download - Skills DB Pro .csv Learning Plan Import Template

Remote Support
If one of our support people is going to do a remote session with you first click below.
Then click Run. You may get other warnings from the windows system. as well, click the appropriate buttons to allow the software to install.
You need to have flash installed on your computer to work.(don't worry most computers already have flash)

Quick Setup Information
The help information below is sorted by menu area in the program. This quick setup section is used as a guide on which order to set the items up when first installing the system. Log in as an administrator.

  1. Setup ->Skills Setup
    1. Setup each of the list items below in the order below.
    2. Categories
    3. Skills
    4. Score Desciptions
  2. Setup-> People Setup
    1. People Categories
    2. Departments
  3. Entering Data.
    1. Enter the skill scores for each employee
  4. Report and retrieve information as required

For Further assistance please email our support team at Sales+Support@SkillsDBPro.com

Skills DB Pro Archive Help Items from older versions