Competency Management Has Never Been Easier

It’s never been simpler to customize, implement, and administer your competency management software. Skills DB Pro provides a versatile software system to evaluate the competency levels of current and new staff, match training resources, and speed up the growth of your workforce. See how Skills DB Pro can solve your competency management issues.

See a full walk through of our skills & competency management solution, it only  takes 8 mins to get most of your questions answered.

Why a Competency Management System?
Competency Management Software should assure the company, individual employees and their managers that the workforce is demonstrating ongoing competence in any role, across all disciplines.

The goal for competence management software is to manage, in a practical and integrated way, a sequence of actions designed to ensure competent performance. Thus, ensuring that people are clear regarding the performance expected of them, they have got proper training, development evaluation and re-assessment; and they sustain or develop their competence through the years.

Build a Job Role Profile
Job role profiles are built by determining the skills necessary for one to achieve success in a particular position and to specify the level of competence needed for each skill in that position. The skills selected are determined by several factors, and can frequently be determined by the competencies that an outstanding performer is currently demonstrating in the position.

If you’re implementing a competency-based approach, role profiles allow you to keep things simple as you look to streamline and improve your processes. Job Profiles offer you an easy way to get started with competency management right away.

Assign Skill Sets and Expected Skill Level to Job Roles
Skills DB Pro has developed a robust, multi-level competency management software that enables you to set-up desired skill set and skill levels for each job role in your company.

Compare Skill Gaps to Job Roles.
Once you have assigned skill sets and skill levels to a job role, you can then compare the job profile model to the employees actual skill sets. The skill sets can contain the employees self assessed skill model, the manager assessed model, or an average of both.
Continuous Improvement
The Competency Management module enables you to track your organization’s talent resources more effectively and align talent with strategic goals using a proven, competency-based approach. With the competency levels setup you can easily identify skill gaps and training plans to fill in those gaps, as well as look at necessary recruiting efforts and succession planning efforts that may be required.