We can help you build out your Competency Framework in a Fraction of the Time at a Fraction of the Cost.

Competency Framework Consulting

EVERYONE LOVES OUR SKILLS TRACKING SOFTWARE SO WHY DON’T THEY SIGN UP?  The answer to this question is almost always the same, they could not get their competency framework built out.  Thus, we are offering Competency Framework Consulting Services.  When ever a client does not sign up after a trial we always ask them the following question.

Why did SkillsDB not work out for you?  A brutally honest answer is most appreciated and helpful.  Check out one reply below:

What We Do

How Do We Do It

Our expert competency framework consultants, in conjunction with our custom software, will expedite the process of developing a competency framework for your business.  How do we build out your competency framework?  Well, like everything else at SkillsDB with simplicity and common sense.

Information Technology Defined:  With over 3,000 skills, 2,000 job roles, and over 30,000 predefined IT skill combinations, no one else has the bandwidth to help you quickly create your IT competency framework as easily and accurately as we can.

Job Role Tool Builder: If you’re not working with IT skills, no problem.  Our job role tool builder will allow your people to easily collaborate to create custom job roles for your organization.

We provide a drag and drop tool where all your managers and employees collaborate to build out job roles.
You provide us with a list of people and their email addresses who you want to build out Job Roles.
Our Job Role definition is simple. We ask what skills and qualifications are necessary for your job and at what level.
We reach out to these people and send them a link to start begin building profiles.
Our software allows everyone to collaborate to build job roles, with full auditing. Thus, one person cannot delete another persons entries, though they can comment, and add to them.
Everyone has access to our skills library as a base, which holds thousands of skills.
Getting to this initial Job Role list is always the killer. Our software, combined with our experts, get you there with ease.
Your team then curates and finalizes the Competency List.
The system includes full and extensive administrative reporting.
If you already have job roles built out and need them edited by your people no problem we can import them for you.
Competency Framework Consulting

Watch how our Competency Framework Builder Software works.

"What gets measured gets done." - Defining and measuring effectiveness – especially the performance of workers – is critical.

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