New Hire Training

How To Create New Hire Training Programs New hire training the startling truth for companies: 20% of all employees, as wells as 40% of those who receive bad (or no) new hire training leave inside the 1st year of employment. When personnel leave, it costs you. In this article we are going to talk about […]

Employee Training Tracking Software: 3 Steps to a Successful Implementation

  Employee Training Tracking Software: 3 Steps to Ensure a Successful Implementation Every month during client calls, we get dozens of questions about best practices for creating a successful training program. Employee Training Tracking Software implementations make up a large part of this number. In this article I will give you some tips for implementing a […]

What does it take to be an Effective Employee?

Are you an effective worker? Almost everyone has to answer this question at least once in their life. Workplace effectiveness has become a buzzword in organizations and businesses, but not everyone can boast being ideally effective at work. The thing is that no one is 100 percent effective. We have talents and skills, but we also display weaknesses and […]