Best Practices in Skills-Based Competency Management / Phase 1 Pre-Implementation

Best Practices for Skills Based Management Phase 1 Pre-Implementation – Prior to the Start of the Program.   Best practices for skills based competency management involves a series of refined methodologies, techniques, processes, and procedures.  In this article we will explain how to implement them during the implementation and execution phases of a competency project. […]

Succession Planning Using SWOT Analysis

SWOT ANALYSIS IN SUCCESSION PLANNING Talent Management as Seen Through a Really Interesting Client. One of my great pleasures in my job as being a salesperson at Skills DB Pro is to learn from my clients. Recently, during a demo, a super-smart head of HR explained to me how he uses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and […]

New Hire Training

How To Create New Hire Training Programs New hire training the startling truth for companies: 20% of all employees, as wells as 40% of those who receive bad (or no) new hire training leave inside the 1st year of employment. When personnel leave, it costs you. In this article we are going to talk about […]

Skills Matrix – Step by Step

How to Develop A Skills Matrix – Step by Step Precisely what is a skills matrix? A skills matrix, or competency matrix, is an instrument to map essential, as well as preferred, skills for a team or project. This can be a grid which visualizes readily available capabilities along with competencies inside of a workforce. […]

Succession Planning in 8 Easy Steps

Succession Planning in 8 Easy Steps   Could your employees answer the question, “Just what is the succession planning strategy at your business?” They could, if you have discussed the idea. And you could, if you have developed one for your information technology team or business. Succession planning offers benefits for your employees, by providing […]

Skills Competency Frameworks Demystified

Creating a Skills Competency Framework Demystified A skills competency framework allows your company to determine the skills, behaviours, and attitudes that employees must possess to be successful in their job. Can you be sure they are competent at the tasks for their job? Put simply, how can you know what you should measure? Many people […]


EMPLOYEE GOAL MANAGEMENT-5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW! WHAT IS GOAL MANAGEMENT? Employee Goal management is more than simply determining goals and analyzing employee effectiveness. The reason for having employee goals is to build out your staff’s talents, abilities and knowledge, while helping your business meet its overall objectives. HOW CAN GOAL MANAGEMENT AFFECT STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT […]

Competency Management Missteps

Competency Management Missteps Competency management missteps can sometimes be daunting. Implementing a new system in your organization can be a tedious process. There can be setbacks along the way, but have no fear, not only can we guide you in simple steps to set up your system, but we want you to learn from the […]