Videos & Documentation for Older Versions of Skills DB Pro - Installed before 10/1/2016
For Employees:

101: Working with Scores as an Employee

PDF Files For Employees:

191: Getting Started as An Employee

Videos For Managers:

201: Working with Scores as a Manager

202: Working with Attributes as a Manager

203: Search for People based upon Skills as a Manager

204: Report Builder-Creating a Sample Skills Matrix and Skills Audit Report

PDF Files For Managers:

291: Getting Started as A Manager

Videos For Administrators:

301: Admin Quick Start Guide. A Must watch for all new Admins. (5mins)

302: Invite Your People to Self Register  

303: Set up your Scoring System as an Administrator

304: Email your people to update their information.

305: Training Tracking and Course Sign Ups

306: Role Based Security Explained

307: Competency Management Training & Demo