11 HR Blogs That Can Improve Your Career

In our modern, fast paced business world, few things are more powerful than information. In fact, business trends, processes, activities, and policies are constantly being updated. Those that were the rage before you signed off for the weekend may be seeing their final moments when you resume the next week.

Thus, if you want to be a top performer in your field, you need to keep yourself informed.

Here at Skills DB Pro, we are always seeking ways to improve as individuals and as a company. And, one major way we achieve this is by reading, a lot of it. We even have a few blogs we follow. In addition, we can honestly say that we have benefited in many ways from the insights shared by these bloggers.

Each day you work, you have to pull resources from your mental storehouse and use them to accomplish tasks and projects. It only makes sense that you constantly update and increase the information in your storehouse. In fact, you can do this by reading online.

So for our blog post this week, I have put together a list of 11 HR blogs in which articles that are always worth a read are regularly published.

1. Success In HR

Alan Collins, a former HR Vice President at Pepsi Co. is the founder and chief editor of this blog. In fact, he has had a long career in HR and his advice and career tips are top notch. Besides what he writes on this blog, he has written 8 books for HR professionals.


TLNT provides news, analysis, and opinions that can help you come to grips with current trends in HR. The blog has several contributors and multiple articles are published each day. Also, one thing you quickly notice when you view this site is how engaging it is. The writers address issues that grab at the heart and they present them in a way that makes you want to read through each article.

3. Positive Sharing

Positive sharing is a blog by Alexander Kjerulf, otherwise known as the chief happiness officer. True to this title, his blog is all about finding happiness, and making employees happy at work. Alexander is also the founder of Woohoo Inc, and is one of the world’s leading experts in happiness at work. Notably, he has done a good amount of study and research on workplace happiness. In addition, he presents his findings on his blog in a conversational, interesting way.

4. TalentCulture

This blog publishes regular articles on topics about finding and developing top talent, being a great leader, understanding changes in HR, as well as other similar areas. The authors on this blog usually employ a light, social approach to their blog posts. This way, they make them interesting to read and yet packed full with value.

5. HR Bartender

I was taken aback by the name of this blog. But, the founder, Sheryl Lauby, does give an explanation for the name. Something in the line of she being the friendly person HRMs want to communicate with or hear from about work related issues, just as workers love to see the face of a bartender after a stressful workday, and with that I agree. In fact, Sheryl’s blog posts are centered on career advice, leadership and management, and office politics. Somehow she manages to produce several articles each week on her own. For instance, each is written in a casual and informative way that makes you look forward to the next.

6. Ask A Manager

The moment you open this site and see the complete title (Ask a Manager and if you don’t, I’d tell you anyway), you get the feeling you are going to have a good read. At least I did, and boy did it turn out to be true. Ask A Manager is a site where people can ask questions about HR, their career, and a host of other topics. Each question is responded to by Alison Green, a former chief of staff, and her responses are always simple, straightforward, and down to earth. You hardly see an “I don’t know what you should do in this situation” kind of response, and simply reading through previous questions and answers provides you with information that can improve your career.

7. HR Morning

HR morning is a news blog for HR professionals. It provides the latest news on trends and events that are shaping the field of personnel management. Writers at HR Morning present the news as what they term “actionable insight.” In essence, you get to find out what’s new, and also what it means for you and for your business.

8. HR Examiner

This is a magazine blog that focuses on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital. They have quite a few authors who publish articles, and multiple articles are published each week. The authors often come together to form a panel that takes an in-depth look into important issues and trends in HR. Their blogs are usually presented as audio files, but a transcript is produced for those who prefer to read.

9. Skills Competency Blog (Skills DB Pro)

Here at Skills DB Pro, we regularly publish blog posts centered on improving the careers of our readers, and helping them become better recruiters, skill managers, and succession planners. We also look into current trends every now and then to help keep readers fully informed on what’s new and groundbreaking in HR.

10. Fist Full of Talent

This is one of the most diverse and informative hr blogs on the internet. They have a group of about 30 writers who produce regular articles on a range of hr and people management topics, ranging from leadership and employee relations to recruiting, career paths, and succession. Besides articles, they also publish podcasts and videos that feature a program called the CYA Report, which they define as a “free flowing, sometimes mature discussion of HR and talent issues.”

11. HR Zone

This is another site that covers a diverse range of interesting and practical hr topics. Notably, an entire section of this blog is dedicated to predicting HR trends. All articles in this section are prefixed with the phrase “Future of HR.” The major links at the top also make it clear that the articles published are meant to help HRMs become better leaders, fully engage their employees, hire and utilize top talent, etc.

How Can You Use This Information?

As I mentioned at the outset, at Skills DB Pro, we read and follow a few blogs that publish information related to our individual skills and our business. You can and should do the same, and this article helps you identify some great blogs you can follow. Of course you are only expected to choose a few that resonate with you and that publish career tips that you find most fitting. Hopefully you, like us, will quickly see the value of being fully informed of the news, trends, and career advice that blogs provide to their readers.

By: Mesheal Fegor
Sales & Support