Skills DB Pro software suite is unmatched in it's ability to help you understand your employees strengths, weaknesses, and training needs.

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Skills Management Employee Profile

Employee Skills Tracker

Make skills tracking easy for your employees.

Skills DB Pro software will help you assess and leverage your employees’ greatest assets, their skills and competencies.

  • Familiar easy to use Apple IOS theme.
  • Employees can easily update their skills profile.
  • Critical job roles skills show at the top of the list.
Skills Tracking Manager Score

Manager Review

Managers confirm individual assessments, or record differences for skill gap analysis.

The system provides functions with which managers can assess and monitor the skills of employees. As a manager, you can view, update, and review skills for employees assigned to you.

  • When an employee finishes their profile the manager is notified
  • The manager will then assess the individual skills separately.
  • An Individual Skills Gap Analysis is produced that shows the differences in the assessments.

Skills List

Before you track your employees skills, you need to know what to track.

Aging skill sets, retirement, new technologies, mergers, culture changes, budget constraints, and other factors put companies at risk of talent loss and, as important, underutilization of people

Skills DB Pro can be used with a range of frameworks from our unique Skills Framework Library, or with any provided by you.

  • Use our extensive skill library.
  • Import or input your custom skill list.
Skills Management Competency Model

Competency Management

Bring Your Competencies to Life

Once you have a competency model defined for any part of the organization, it now becomes very easy to align and focus training and development programs to match that model.

•Standardize job roles
•Identify core and elective skills
•Have better understanding of job fit
•Use to recommend training needs
•Can compare people to roles for succession planning.

Skills Management Gap Analysis

Skills Gap Analysis

Training, Recruitment, Career Pathing, and Succession Planning needs brought together in one place.

An employee skills gap analysis shows the difference among:

  • The standard proficiency expectation for the skill.
  • The assessment of a manager.

A team, unit or enterprise-wide gap
analysis depicts strengths and weakness, and provides a road map for tactical and strategic skills improvement, as well as for the preparation of strategic training and recruitment requirements.

Skills Training Tracking

Learning Plans

Training Needs Analysis & Recommended Learnings

Identify learning needs accurately, prioritize critical areas of development at an individual, team or organisational level. Develop career paths and invest smartly in your workforce to improve learning and boost retention.

  • Recommended Learning Plans individualized for job roles.
  • Tie skills to courses.
  • Track employee skill improvements over time.
  • Finally get an ROI on your training program.
Skills Management Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plans

Track your employees trainings and mentorings.

The closest link between skills assessment and performance objectives is in the preparation of a development plan.

  • Ensure that your employees maintain the current level of job proficiency through continued training and developmental activities.
  • Employees chart their career path by identifying new knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue, as well as learning activities needed to reach the established goals.
  • IDP’s will support your organization’s mission and career field needs.
Career Pathing

Career Pathing

Helping employees with career development that may be lateral and not in a traditional job ladder.

Career pathing helps employees figure out new career paths in a company, along with skills or qualifications needed to get to them.

Help your employees and managers answer the following:

  • List possible career paths open?
  • Define short/long range goals?
  • Are the goals realistic?
  •  Are the  goals compatible with my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are my goals compatible with the parts of my job that I like and dislike?
Succession Planning Software

Succession Planning

Enable your HR teams and managers to determine crucial job roles, as well as discover high-potential staff who are able to fill those roles.

Skills DB Pro succession planning software will help you to develop dedicated talent pools for succession planning, and accelerate the growth of your employee’s skills needed to be successful.

Succession Planning Software in Skills DB Pro enables managers and HR professionals to:

  • Create a talent pipeline in order to fill future roles.
  • Align the company’s human resources dependent on current and future company needs.
  • Understand retention challenges and make it easy for proactive intervention.
  • Recommend training opportunities to speed up the development of individual skills and talent pools.
Skills Tracking Reporting


Get Smart

Skills DB Pro has intuitive drag & drop reports as well as OLAP data analytics to help you quickly identify areas of strength and skill gaps quickly and accurately.

  • Skills Matrix
  • Dashboarding
  • Report Builder
  • Olap 3d online pivot tables
  • All reporting exportable to excel.
  • Save report layouts and filters.

Use intelligent insights to optimize your workforce, projects, succession planning, and training needs.

See Skills DB Pro in action

Experience a live customized demo, get answers to your specific questions, and find out why Skills DB Pro is the right choice for your organization.

What Can I Expect?

Skills Tracking SystemAn in depth conversation to discuss your use case, reporting needs, and how to use skill gap analysis to drive better performance for your organization.
Skills Tracking SystemLive demonstration of our platform, tailored to the way you work
Skills Tracking SystemAll your questions answered to make sure you have all the information you need
Skills Tracking SystemNo commitment whatsoever and the ability to start a free pilot program.

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A Skills Tracker will help your organization to:

Execute your business strategy by developing the skills and competencies that support business objectives
Stay competitive by developing and retaining an appropriately skilled workforce
Reduce your costs by identifying ‘real’ training needs, reducing contractor spend and recruitment costs
Maximize workforce ROI by developing and utilizing employee competencies effectively
Develop intellectual capital by developing the capability of the organization
Retain employees by identifying and facilitating employee development and improving utilization

Skills DB Pro provides the answers you need.

In Skills DB Pro your data is easy to search and analyze, giving you insights to your most common and troublesome questions.

Find me our C# Programmers with knowledge of .Net, Ajax, SQL Server and JavaScript?

With the Employee Search functionality of Skills DB Pro, answering this question is as simple as filling out your criteria and hitting ‘Find’.

Is our focus and investment in skills training aligned with our business goals and objectives?

By tracking your employee skills, you can tie them back to their individual development plans and competency profiles, to see the trending outcomes of your training programs.

What are our core competencies?

Using the Skills Audit / Gap Analysis reporting features you can get a count of how many employees possess a particular skill or certification. Then easily drill down and view detailed gap analysis reports by employee.

How can I create a Skills Matrix?

Skills DB Pro has standard Skills Matrix reports built for you. Also, with easy-to-use drag-and-drop report filtering, getting the exact data you need is simple.

Employee evaluations are coming up, how can I discuss employee skill levels objectively?

Skills DB Pro allows employees to rate themselves, and managers to rate their employees, showing you congruence’s and discrepancies in how each employee and manager views the employee’s  competency levels.

What skills do I need to be successful in my current and or future job?

Career development can be nebulous.  By, using the goal management module, employees know exactly what skills they need, by job title, giving them a road map for success.

Powerful & Simple to Use

From training needs analysis, to project placement, to employee reviews, Skills DB Pro is the refreshingly simple skills tracker. No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails about who has what skills, just one uncomplicated, central hub.

Who else uses Skills DB Pro?

From small consulting firms, to mid-sized companies, to enormous multinationals, Skills DB Pro is the go-to skills management tool for hundreds of thousands of employees world-wide.  Click here for a partial client list.